Careers for Music Lovers

Everyone loves music. Regardless of your background, your economic status, or your cultural or geographic location, chances are music is a large part of your life. Dreams of rock stardom fuel the childhoods of many aspiring musicians. And even though the chances of that happening are decidedly slim, that doesn’t stop millions of people from picking up a guitar or a pair of drumsticks and giving it a try. But at some point, the day may come when you realize it’s not going to happen. Perhaps you’ve been in a touring band, and the schedule and lifestyle of the road is just too much of a grind. Perhaps you aren’t willing to put in the time working for peanuts in the bar circuit. Or maybe your priorities change, due to a move or a major shift in your life situation. While you may have to give up rock stardom, you don’t have to give up your passion for music. Get detailed information about building a professional career in the music industry on this website:

Here are five great careers for music lovers that you could consider.

First on the list would be sharing your love of music with others as a radio station manager or DJ. Although much of the music world has gone digital, there is still room for people who live to broadcast music for others to enjoy. If you have a great voice you could become an on-air personality, which has the added bonus of creating opportunities for you to interact with major musical talent. As a station manager, you’ll create the programming schedule and hire the on-air talent. You’ll start off in small markets working oddball hours, but many people still enjoy that part of the process.

Another great option is becoming an event planner. Don’t think of this work as relegated to just the wedding world. Event planners can be hired on by concert venues, and you’ll work with band managers and promoters to create major musical events. You’ll have to have a certain business acumen, but you’ll have the opportunity to be around performing artists all the time, and will certainly get to attend the shows you coordinate. If you want to know more about them, visit this website:

If you’re willing to go to school for music, you might want to consider working as a recording engineer. This is a great option for music lovers because you’ll work directly with musicians in the recording studio. You’ll have a huge impact on the sound and success of a record, helping the artists show their best stuff to the world. The best recording engineers are in major demand, and may even be brought on the road by bands to record the live mix at their concerts.

For those who have some amount of musical acumen but can’t seem to translate it into a performing career, consider getting into video game development. This may sound odd at first, but think about how important music is in the world of video games. Imagine your favorite titles without their soundtracks, and the result wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. You’ll work within a larger design team, basically crafting an entire score. These jobs are quite hard to come by, so you might have to start off as an intern in order to launch your career.

Finally, think about working in the music business as a talent scout. This is for those who have a fantastic ear for music, and an eye for the next wave of stars. You’ll spend your nights out at tiny clubs hunting down talent, and your days emailing electronic press kits to senior management and the media. While the major labels don’t have the strength they once enjoyed, talent scouts and A&R reps are always necessary. And you’ll be front and center in the process, ready to celebrate when one of your discoveries breaks through. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about developing a music career.