5 LED Lighting Brands You Should Pay Attention to


No matter who you are: a big company, an e-store or a simple user, time after time you deal with lighting products. The market now is overwhelmed with various brands and models. Some are good, some are not. Here is a short list of brands that are worth buying as their quality is on top. Get detailed information about modern technologies on this website: https://product-review.org/  


There is no person who hasn’t ever heard about Philips. The company produces consumer electronics from shavers to Smart TVs. LED lamps are also among their products. Phillips LEDs are available in various model ranges and all of them are high-quality. (Except, maybe, the cheapest ones). Aside from lamps they offer Philips Hue – their smart lighting system.

The canary in a coal mine is the frequency with which the news about Phillips selling the stakes of lighting business appear in press. The company claims that they want to focus on their healthcare projects. That may lead to LED’s quality decrease in future. But as people say: “Tomorrow is a mystery”. Today their products are good and widely available.


This German company is also among top-sellers. Unlike Philips, lighting is their specialization. They offer both single light bulbs and lighting systems. They have LED solutions for most of popular applications such as general lighting, automobiles, backlighting, etc. Their lamps are divided into professional and consumer lines. Both are quite good. If you are interested in learning more about LED lights, visit this dedicated website https://shaftdeals.com/ for useful information.


Jooby is aLED light manufacturersbrand, created by Ukrainian company Infomir. Because of their young age the product range is still quite small, but the quality of products exceeds analogs from the same price tier. Lamps have prolonged lifetime and the best among these 5 brands energy consumption rate and luminous efficacy. That makes Joobyone of the most cost-efficient LED lighting solutions suppliers. The manufacturer stats that their lamp’s properties exceed A++ class requirements.


This old American conglomerate produces locomotives, aero-engines, medical devices and many other products which granted them a position in Forbes and Financial times ratings. Lighting looks a little bit aside from such an impressive product list. But their LED solutions are the same good. You may try them in one of GE showrooms.


The company offers variety of luminaries and fixtures both for interior and exterior lighting. Their website allows to walk along their virtual showroom and to see how they look when turned on. Another benefit is that you can track your order delivery as they cooperate with UPS. Learn more about batteries, LED lights, and other latest technologies on this dedicated website: https://super-buy.net/