3 Common Mental Health Challenges for Teens

Mental Health Challenges for Teens

Mental health is a serious concern for people all over the world. Teens and young adults are particularly susceptible to issues involving mental health as a result of their unique interactions with the world and the people that color their universe.

Mental health needs are common among people still in their youth (as well as adults who struggle with a difficult landscape of mental tests, too). Understanding these needs and working toward solutions together is the best way to make the changes necessary to right the ship and get your teen feeling their best once again.

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Continue reading to learn about three common mental health challenges that teens face on a regular basis in order to work smarter toward combating them in your teen’s life.

Anxiety is rampant among teenagers.

Teenagers deal with a raft of stressors, and these can quickly contribute to a high dose of anxiety that is difficult to manage in even the most well-adjusted teens. Adults often struggle with anxiety and stress, so it’s only natural that young people, who haven’t been exposed to the same kinds of tactics and coping mechanisms, will fail to always choose the right path when working to counteract the effects of anxious feelings or stressful situations. Everything from GPA protection and college applications to asking a love interest to homecoming can prove hugely stressful in these moments of transition in the life of a teen.

One important asset that parents should be considering for their teenagers is the use of therapy options. Charlie Health is a great provider of robust group therapy, individual therapy, and tailored treatment options designed specifically with young people in mind. Taking care of the mental health of teenagers is something that many people in the healthcare industry are passionate about. For the team at Charlie Health, working with teens who are experiencing outsize levels of stress and anxiety is a fervent commitment, and building pathways to success for your child is a specialty.

Depression can be a silent weight on your child’s shoulders.

For some young people, a few individual therapy sessions can provide a basis for combating stressors. However, if left untreated for long enough, these issues can manifest into something more severe that will require a more substantial approach. Mental health is a complex thing, and depression can be hard to spot, especially in young adults who are constantly on the move and engaged with activities, school, friends, and part-time work.

In the modern age, there are many things that can provide a source of depression, and the coronavirus pandemic is certainly a chief culprit for many. The inability to go out and freely mingle with friends at this socially essential time in life can take a dramatic effect on the ongoing mental wellness of a teen. Depression can be tough to spot, but it is something that a therapist is well-trained to address. You can also check the website https://igiveonline.com/ for depression relief in teenagers’ tips and more information.

Substance use issues can stem from many sources of grief in the life of a teen.

In some extreme cases, teens will turn to alcohol or drugs to combat these issues. Controlled substances are listed by the DEA for a reason, and it’s typically because they quickly provide adverse impacts on health and wellness when taken irresponsibly (in many instances, taking these types of drugs at all constitutes irresponsible use).

Working with a health care provider to work against substance use issues is a must for any parent who is looking to provide wellness and treatment for their struggling teen.

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Get the help your child needs in order to put them back on a path to success, wellness, and happiness.