Creative Bridesmaid Proposals


The second most important proposal in wedding planning, just second to the proposal that starts the engagement, is the bride’s proposal to her bridesmaids. Sure, you could just pop off an email to your friends asking if they’ll be in your wedding party, but then you’d miss out on the opportunity to make a grand gesture of it. You can also visit this website to get detailed information about latest fashion trends. Here are a few fun and creative ways to “propose” to your bridesmaids.

Hide a Message inside a Ring Box

Imagine the surprise on your friend’s face when you present her with a ring box–and then the delight when she opens it to find a message asking her to be your bridesmaid! It’s a fun way to echo the theme of getting married and engaged.

Wine Bottle Label

The next time you have your potential wedding party over for wine, print your own “Bridesmaids” wine label and stick it on beforehand. See how long it takes one of them to spot the hidden message.


Bridesmaid-dress cookies are a great way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid, and they’re delicious, too. You can pick them up at the local bakery or make your own for maximum DIY goodness.

Ring Pops

Your partner popped the question with a fancy ring, but you can pop the question to your bridesmaids with something less expensive and more fun. Buy ring pops, attach a “will you be my bridesmaid” tag to them, and present them to your potential wedding party.

Message in a Bottle

For a beach-themed wedding, this idea is perfect. Just get a small decorative bottle, write your proposal on a small piece of paper, then roll up the paper and pop it into the bottle. Fill the bottle with sand, add a cork, and you’re good to go. Get more tips and tricks about decorating proposals for bridesmaid on thai website:


Some little customizable jigsaw puzzles are a cute way to ask someone to be your bridesmaid. If you can give them out to multiple bridesmaids at once, you can also have a competition to see who can put theirs together the fastest. Whoever reads the message first gets to pick the dress style!


You can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates for asking someone to be your maid of honor. Spell out the question in frosting across the chocolates, or go for alphabet-printed chocolates and make the message yourself.

Checklist cards

This can be any number of fun wedding party-themed checklists, like “songs to dance to at my wedding,” or “things to make sure I don’t do at my wedding,” or “things to bring to my wedding,” with a “will you be my bridesmaid?” at the bottom.

Sparkler Surprise

You can text or call each of your prospective bridesmaids and have them meet you outside their house or apartment. When they come outside, you can be waiting there holding sparklers and pop the question. You can find discount wedding sparklers all over the internet, so it’s an affordable way to do it in style. Plus, you can recruit the girls one by one as they agree to participate to make the show even larger.


Have your proposal printed on a balloon, which you can attach to a card and mail to your potential bridesmaids. They’ll have to blow up the balloon to read the message, which adds an element of mystery and fun.

Fold-out card

You can buy fold-out cards that are hilarious, and they hide a sweet sentiment in their snarky outer shell. Definitely a great pick for your wedding party.

Proposing to your bridesmaids is a fun and emotional part of planning a wedding. You can make your proposal special and show your besties how much you care for them with any of these tips. If you want to get more creative ideas about surprise gifts, then take a look at this website for useful information.