Be Very Safe And Secure With Reliable Gate Automation At Homes Or Offices


In today’s’ time safety is paramount. At the same time, you need to keep up your time, especially when you go to office, or you are in midst of some hectic work schedule. The gate automation system allows you to check your gate and entry point to your house, with extreme ease, as you can decide about who the right person is, to enter your domestic premise. With gate automation, you can easily open, close, half-open and change the movement of the entry gate or the yard gate or the gate of your garage. Visit the website to learn more about how reliable gate automation may improve the safety and security of your property.

Traditional gates versus the automated ones:

Automating any existing gate whether a sliding type cantilever gate or the traditional hinged type gates is now possible. You will need to install a motor and a logic controller.

  • The motor rating or capacity will depend on the weight of the gate, its material of construction – whether it has wrought iron or hollow structural steel sections or aluminum sections or is make of solid timber panels, color bond sheets etc.
  • The motor rating affects the size and voltage rating of your logic controller. You can wither choose to install a basic automated system which opens or closes on sensing an incoming vehicle or a pedestrian and automatically closes in case of time out of no passenger activity.
  • Many of these gate automation kits are now solar-powered thus allowing you to save on your energy bills.

What are the different types of home automation system available?

Right from small schools to large industrial and commercial organizations, gates are automated in such a way, that they run with biometric imprints and if they are not matched, gates do not open. In this website, we’ll discuss the importance of reliable gate automation for ensuring safety and security at homes or offices.

  • Proximity cards are issued to the desired persons and a small card reader unit can be installed near the gate. Only the persons carrying the card and scanning it on the card reader can be allowed access.
  • Large industrial complexes have a number of people entering or leaving the premises and can be issued proximity cards for controlling access to various parts within one industrial complex.
  • Yet another feature allows for partial opening of the gate for entry of pedestrians and full opening for allowing cars or trucks to pass through.

Opening with a remote control:

Yet another feature allows you to open or close the gate by a remote control. You don’t need to physically walk over to the gate to open it. Just press a button on your remote and your gate opens and will close automatically once you have passed through. This also works well for garage doors, just press your remote from your car, you don’t need to get down from your car, drive in and the gate will close automatically after the car has passed through. The gate can also be opened for visitors from the comfort of your bedroom. No long running down the hallway to open the gate. This not only is safe but also comes in handy for elderly or disabled persons who cannot always walk down the door and open it.

Automated gates also mean that your door will be electronically locked and cannot be entered in by force. You can also install alarms to detect any forced entry. Most of these automated systems run on battery, which automatically charges when electricity is available, or alternately can be solar-powered too.

You can install the motors and logic control boards if you are a DIY type or can be installed by professional also.

May automated gates are also available which just need to be grouted in the floor for support and the automation system can be made functional by a simple connection.

There are many companies available both online and offline, where you can get best information about gate automation. Depending on your domestic or commercial priorities, the prices may vary. Visit if you have a specific query or concern about gate automation.